PAVEL J. RYBA & THE FISH MEN His music has been appreciated by many listeners and critics in Europe and the USA, and the band’s originality is worth looking at more upcoming venues, especially Mr. Ryba’s exclusive dynamic basses, which makes the composition original and very unique!

P. J. Ryba’s guests - performers: Mike Stern - USA, Dean Brown - USA, Josef Skrzek - Poland, Garry Lucas - USA, Bryan Corbett - England...


The Knitting Factory - NYC, Blues Alley – Washington DC, Birmingham Symphony Hall, LeClub - Moscow, Blue Bird - Moscow, Odessa Jazz Carnaval, Kiev European Music Festival.... and many other venues

Ryba's reviews by: All Music Guite, Jazziz Magazine, Sound of Timeless, Musicreview,de…

Paula Edelstein – US journalist:

“… He is one amazing artist. As one of the leading personalities of Czech jazz, P.J. Ryba is a star … /…His enormous energy and extensive repertoire mixes jazz, classical, pop and rock and does wonders for such standards ... /… His bass solo on "My One And Only Love“, speaks to the listener with an amazing array of rhythms, tempo and stylistic expressions. Pastorius' influence is hanging in the air ... /… Ryba’s regular performing book is a pure bass vehicle that also features Ryba’s great multiple talents as a composer and bass player up front and personal with his audience. Concert is a real show-stopper and always has Ryba’s audiences on the edge of the seat s ...).

In 2008 he became a player of the top American manufacturer Fender. He plays custom models "Pavel J. Ryba" made specifically on his demands. Ryba has been an active jazz and studio musician for 30 years, keeping his musical identity throughout the whole time.

Further informations regarding P.J.Ryba’s performance, history, photos and music reviews by international critique board are in the attachment.